Spokane Success Story

By County and City Employee staff |  July 5, 2017

Recently members of Local 270 in Spokane scored a big win by agreeing to a new 5-year contract agreement that extends through 2020 with the city of Spokane. The negotiating team was able to maintain a positive and respectful relationship with city officials and ultimately came to an agreement that benefits both members and the City.

The big victory was securing a substantial cost of living adjustment (COLA) over the course of the agreement. Each year in the contract has varying degrees of increase based on seniority, that ultimately secures members anywhere from a 14.45% to 17.45% COLA as part of the 5-year agreement.

Negotiators were able to secure significant changes to members’ retirement plans to help ensure they become more viable long term. Both members and the City will increase the amount they contribute to retirement accounts. As part of the contract automatic adjustments of up to 1% can be made to contribution rates based on an recommendation by the City Actuary. Also included was the creation of an additional retirement tier that caps service at 40 years and an agreement by the city to start paying out for more sick days at retirement.

As part of the agreement changes were made to co-pays and deductibles to help share some of the costs with the City. This ultimately helped free up some of the money needed to afford increased COLA’s and retirement benefits.

The end result after many months of work was a win-win for the members of Local 270 and the City of Spokane.