New Colonial Life Insurance Benefit

As a WSCCCE member, you have the opportunity to update your life insurance benefit to $10,000 (previously $1,000 which will end 12/1/17) and will have access to vital benefits that’ll protect you and your family from out-of-pocket costs.


Two enrollment options:

1. Online Enrollment:

Click Here to enroll online

The user name is GTL + employee’s first name + last 4 of employee’s social security number.

The password is your last name + the last four digits of the employee’s social security number.

If you have two first names or a hyphen, remove the hyphen or space and type it as one word.

Employee: John Jones
SSN: 123-45-6789
Username: GTLJohn6789
Password: Jones6789


2. Call the Enrollment Center:

Call 1-866-614-1815 between 5am-5pm to speak with a Colonial Life benefits counselor.


  • Gather any information you may need to en- roll, such as Social Security numbers and ad- dresses.

  • When you call the call center, a benefits counselor will answer any questions you may have and complete your enrollment over the phone.


Please contact Ryan Young if you have questions or need assistance logging into the enrollment system at 206-618-6301 or

You’ll also have the opportunity to apply for these voluntary benefits:

Accident Insurance—helps offset the unexpected medical expenses, such as emergency room fees, deductibles, and co-payments

that can result from a covered accident.

Cancer Insurance—helps offset the out-of-pocket medical and indirect non-medical expenses related to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Critical Illness Insurance—pays a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness such as cancer, heart attack (myocardial infarction), end stage renal failure, coronary artery bypass surgery, stroke or major organ transplant.