2014 Council 2 Scholarship Winners

Dependent Scholarship Awards
In Memory of Sandy Chudy, Past Member and Past Local President of Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department, Local 120, Deceased; In Honor of John Ohlson, Former Member and Past Local President of City of Tacoma, Local 120, Retired.

4 Year Scholarship Award ($5,000 per year for 4 years):
In Memory of Taylor Stoneback, Past Member of King County Library System, Local 1857, Deceased.
Recipient’s Name Member Name Member is from Local
Anya Hazelrigg Cecily Hazelrigg-Hernandez 176PD Skagit Co. Public Defenders
$2,000 Award:
Recipient’s Name  Member Name Member is from Local
Colin Ayers
Lake Caldera
Micah Carcellar
Jeremy Fisch
Rachel Hedman
Jordyn Hill
Maximilian Hsiao                  
Larry Ayers 
Ruben Caldera 
Chona Lorico
Deborah Fisch
Georgia Cookson 
Thomas Hill 
Xiaocheih & Yin-Chuan Hsiao     
270 City of Spokane
2083 Seattle Public Library
275 Grays Harbor County
846 City of Wenatchee
120 Pierce County
492-CS Spokane Co. Jail Supervisors
307CO Clark County

$5,000 Award:
Recipient’s Name Member Name Member is from Local
Grace Yukawa
Juilanne Schreiber
Allison Pavish 
Madison Kuss
Dallin Carlson
Nicholas Barreca
Carol Miyatake
Lisa Schreiber
Christopher Pavish
Lorrie Kuss
Todd Carlson 
M. Leigh Barreca
21-HD Seattle/King Co. Health Dept.
1849 San Juan County
109 Snohomish Co. Road Dept.
1619MP Clallam Co. Managerial & Prof.
120 Pierce County
21C Seattle City Light

$2,000 Golf Award:
Recipient’s Name Member Name Member is from Local
Sophie Kaatz
Kraig Lindh
Hailey Maltbie
Danielle McKeirnan
Courtney Mings 
Emily Morrison 
Tyler Palmer
Mikila Salazar
Edward Vlasenko 
Robert Kaatz
Kenneth Lindh
Michele Miller
Tammy McKeirnan
Jason Mings
Karyn Morrison
Kurt Palmer 
Leslie Salazar
Natalya Vlasenko
270 City of Spokane
1341 Lewis Co. Road Dept.
1811M City of Mill Creek
2658 Benton County Appraisers
1191W City of Walla Walla
307CO Clark County
21I Issaquah School Bus Drivers
1553 Spokane County Courthouse
120 City of Tacoma

Continuing Education Award:
In Honor of Denise Ahles, Wife of Greg Ahles, Former Member and Past President of City of Everett, Local 113, Retired.
Recipient’s Name Recipient is from Local  
Doreen Gier 
Cheryl Harmon
Christy Jeffers
Robert Mendez 
Sol Ordonez
87P Yakima County Juvenile Court
1837 City of Kirkland
1553 Spokane County Courthouse
874CH Franklin County Courthouse
21DC King County District Court


2014 Scholarship Winners

Lake Caldera Edward Vlasenko Jeremy Fisch
Kraig Lind Micah Carcellar Allison Pavish
Hailey Maltbie Anya Hazelrigg Jordyn Hill
Maximillian Hsiao Mikila Salazar Courtney Mings
Dallin Carlson Danielle McKeirnan Julianne Schreiber
Tyler Palmer    
Cheryl Harmon Christy Jeffers Robert Mendez


Thank You Letters Received

Dear Council 2 Scholarship Committee,
I am writing to personally thank you for the incredible scholarship you have offered me. With this money I can help my parents bear the burden of paying for college tuition, and hopefully with my degree I can one day be a member of your respectable union. I am going to the University of Washington next year, and have already beeen accepted into the Chemical Engineering program. With this and other possible Council 2 scholarships in the future I plan to pay for my college and graduate in four years. Both my sister Chelsa Ayers--who won in 2013--and I thank you greatly for your valuable contributions to our family.
Colin Ayers
Council 2 Scholarship Committee,
Thank you for your generosity and honoring me as a Council 2 scholarship recipient. I'm excited to begin college in the fall to study computer science technology. I appreciate all that everyone has done to help me get to this point. 
Kraig Lindh
Dear Snohomish County Council 2,
Thank you so much for this scholarship! The $5,000 is a huge blessing. I appreciate that you all believe in me and my dreams enough to help me pursue them. I promise I will put the money to good use. Again, thank you so much! 
Allison Pavish
Thank you very much for scholarship award my son, Edward Vlasenko, got recently. I am glad to have opportunity to thank my union for all work was done to help my son and another students to reach their educational goals. Without donors like you, many students will be unable to pursue the career of their dreams. My son has tremendous ability for learning from nature. I can say it is not hard for him to learn science like Chemistry and Biology and get academic excellence. He graduated from high school and Tacoma Community College with high honor. Edward will enter UW a junior in his 18 years old! He is thinking about double major Chemistry/Biology. Maybe he'll be a good doctor, or he'll join medical science research group and will innovate new medicine or something extraordinary...I hope for best...
Thank you again,
Natalya Vlasenko, Edward's mother
Thank you so much for the scholarship! This will really help me towards the degree I have been striving for. Paying for college has been stressful and this money eases some of that. I am hoping to continue on towards my desire of getting an accounting degree or at least an accounting certificate. Although I have been at my job now for 19 years I feel the need to try something new. Going to college has been a wonderful experience. Meeting new people, and challenging my brain has been awesome! Thank you again for helping me to continue on! 
Doreen Gier 87P
Dear Brother Chris, Brother Lee and Members of the Scholarship Committee:

With deep gratitude, I accept the $1,000 Denise Ahlers Continuing Education Award. I believe we should be life-long learners and it is my intent to honor Denise and Greg Ahlers' legacy by achieving my educational goals.

This gift will help me complete my Associate of Business transfer degree at Bellevue College as a step toward my ultimate goals of a Bachelor of Arts in Business and a career in municipal accounting. Over the last 16 years away from school, spent working full-time and raising a family, I've discovered "what I want to be when I grow up;" not only a public servant, but a leader in my community working to protect workers' rights. 

Thank you for your generosity and support. With this award, I am now confident, motivated and excited to put my energy into reaching these goals, improving my value as an employee, helping to provide for my family and enhancing my leadership skills in order to better serve the members of Local #1837. 
In solidarity,
Cheryl Harmon, Vice President
AFSCME Local #1837, City of Kirkland
Dear Chris, 

Thank you for the $2,000.00 scholarship! This will help with my tuition at Whitworth University. I will be majoring in special education and minoring in deaf education! Again, this truly means a lot! Thank you again! 
                                                                                                    Danielle McKeirnan

Dear Lee Lehman and Members of the Scholarship Committee,

Thank you so very much, words cannot express the excitement and appreciation that I feel being awarded the Continuing Education Award from the Washington State Council of County and City Employees, AFSCME, AFL-CIO. 

Being able to continue on the path of completing my career goal of obtaining my Bachelors of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in Project Management from Columbia Basin College will help to ensure my ability of increasing the level, and quality of public service that I can dedicate to my community. Additionally, this offers me the opportunity to someday be able to share with others the same generosity that has been bestowed upon me. Again, thank you so much for the honor of being a recipient of this award, and for the trust you have placed in my stewardship of these resources. 
                                                                                                     Robert B. Mendez
Washington State Council of City and County Employees,
Thank you for your generous scholarship. The help from you will allow me to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse.
                                                                                                    Thanks again for your scholarship,  
                                                                                                     Courtney Mings

Thank You! 
The $2,000 scholarship awarded to me will help me further my education at The University of Texas at Arlington. 
                                                                                                     Mikilya Salazar